Horse Bedding Pellets

Horse Bedding Pellets

£275.00 excl. VAT


Our horse bedding pellets are produced from 100% virgin softwood giving it a remarkably bright clean feel with a wonderful Pine fresh scent. Heavily compressed, you will enjoy less heavy lifting with the added benefit of increased storage capacity. Just add water and you will see your new bed grow by up to 4 x it’s original volume. Extremely absorbent, simply remove the wet and soiled bedding with fork. Mucking out becomes so much easier with minimal waste. Very easy to use, clean to handle and also extremely cost effective. Simply lay the 15kg bag flat on the stable floor, cut the tops of the bags open and add approximately 5 litres of water to each bag.
Wait for 10 minutes allowing the pellets to ‘fluff up’ and spread the bedding evenly over the entire stable floor.

Allow 30 minutes for the moisture to completely disappear and the bedding can be used!

Each average 12ft x 12ft stable requires 8-12 bags.

Price: 1 pallet lot, 100 x 10kg bags: £275 + 20% VAT

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Weight 990 kg

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