FAQ’s About Wood Fuels

Here are some common questions and answers about our wood fuels:

Pellets by the Pallet

Do you offer a choice of bag size?

Afterwood offer both 10kg and 15kg bags of ENPlus A1 bagged pellets, all approved and on the Biomass Suppliers List BSL

How quickly can I get my pallet once ordered?

We have a good stock of pellets always available, and ready for immediate dispatch, or you can collect from NG23 if you prefer.  We use the pallet network; this means any order made before 1:00pm will be delivered usually within three working days (Monday to Friday). Need something quicker? Again, with an order before 1:00pm, for a small increase in the price, we can express your pallet for a next day delivery, call us for more details.

How will the pallet be delivered?

In most cases the network use trucks the size of a bin wagon, these will normally come with a tail lift and a manually operated pump truck. The standard offering is a kerbside delivery, but often, they will move your pallet onto your property, even to your storage area. Please remember, the pallet weighs quite literally a tonne! it will be impossible for the delivery person to move the pallet if,

  1. you are on a hill,
  2. have a stone or shingle styled drive,
  • there is a turfed area between the pallet and your storage area
Can I get a discount if I order more than one pallet?

Afterwood quote a keen price to start with, however, if you are ordering 4 or more pallets, we can pass on the discount we get from the haulier, please call our office for more details.

Pallet prices always go up in winter, and can be in short supply; I can only store one pallet at a time, is there a way I can pre-book my pallets for the year and fix the price?

The benefits of buying an entire seasons worth of pellets not only gives you the security of supply, but also allows you to know exactly what your price per kW is going to be. We understand that many of our customers don’t have the luxury of lots of space, so we have a plan just for you. Order the total number of pallets you require for the year, we set aside those pallets and then deliver as you need them, you get a fixed price combined with peace of mind knowing that you have your pellets here waiting for you. (T&C’s apply)

What happens if I miss a delivery?

It is important that you are in when the truck arrives, we can request a specific day if it helps and the driver will normally call ahead to let you know he is coming. In the event of a non-delivery through no fault of the haulier, there will be a re-delivery charge, or a fee for returning it back to us. We will work with you to ensure your delivery goes without issue.

Does the wood pallet need to be returned?

The price we quote includes the pallet, some of our customers keep them until their next delivery and offer it the driver, although they are not forced to take them, many will because they know they can make some extra money selling them. There are hundreds of uses for them, and lots of places that will take them off your hands.

Blown Pellets

What is the specification of your wood pellets?

Afterwood supply only the very best pellets for our customers, they are to ENPlus A1 standard. 6mm diameter with a minimum length of 3mm and a maximum length of 40mm

Are Afterwood’s pellets approved for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)?

In order to claim your RHI payment, your pellets must be on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL). All our pellets are on this list, therefore all qualify for the incentive

What is your minimum order for a blown delivery?

Afterwood can deliver any volume of blown pellets, our normal minimum size is 3 tonnes. However, if you have a smaller store, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

My pellet store has been difficult to get to by many suppliers, can you help?

Afterwood have a fleet of tipper blowers, ranging from our smallest six-wheeler, right up to an arctic. Our smaller trucks have rear wheel steer, and our drivers are very well trained, so far there hasn’t been a customer yet that we haven’t been able to deliver to

What are your pellets made from?

Our pellets are made from 100% virgin wood and are sourced from sustainable forests, Afterwood and our supplier are both certified under the FSC scheme.

Is the glue used to make the pellet harmful?

No, our pellets are 100% natural, the binding agent that makes the pellet is called Lignin and is found naturally in wood.

Where do your pellets come from?

We purchase directly with a producer based in Spain, they are one of Europe’s premier suppliers of ENPlus A1 pellets and have supplied the UK with a consistent quality pellet for many years now.

Aren’t imported pellets dustier than UK made pellets?

Dust unfortunately can be a problem even with pellets produced here in the UK. Production methods, transportation and silo design all can have a detrimental affect on your pellets and the amount of dust created. Afterwood are experts in wood fuels, we source from a producer known for their robust pellets, before we deliver to you, the pellets are put through a sieve (screener) this takes out the dust and small pieces, called “fines” making sure the product we deliver is in perfect condition. 

How are your pellets delivered?

We have a fleet of tipper blowers, ranging from six-wheeler's that can hold around 14 tonnes of pellets, we have an eight-wheeler that hold 18 tonnes of pellets and an arctic, up to 27 tonnes of pellets.

How far can you blow pellets?

In order to ensure your pellet stays within ENPlus A1 specification, the maximum length of a blown delivery is 20 metres. However, if you require a greater distance, give us a call and we can discuss some options with you.

How often should I have my silo cleaned?

The UK Pellet Council suggest that you have your store cleaned either every two years, or, after the fifth delivery, whichever comes soonest. Customers with a longer than normal blow length may wish to consider a more frequent regime. We can offer a silo clean in the summer, usually around the same time as your boiler service.

Where in the UK can you deliver to?

We can deliver pellets to most of England and Wales, so why not give our friendly sales team a call and we can let you know straightaway.

Can my pellets go off?

So long as your store is free of any damp or moisture, pellets should have an almost indefinite shelf life.

I don’t know what size fuel tank I have; how can I tell?

If you measure the height, width and depth, multiply them together, that will give you the volume in metres cubed, please bear in mind the type of floor, for example, a flat floor will have more usable space, whereas an angled floor will lose about 1/3 of the storage space. Each tonne of pellets will take about 1.5m3.

Do your pellets produce much ash?

The ash content in our pellets is below the average, but typically no more than .7%. Pellet ash can be put on your garden, or disposed of through your normal waste collection.

Wood Chip

What type of wood chip do you sell?

Afterwood have a great range of Woodsure certified premium chip, as well as fresh (wet) chip and Grade A recycled chip

What is the typical moisture content of your chip?

Fresh wood, depending on the variety can have as much as 70% moisture content when cut. We normally dry our chip down to around W30 (30%) moisture. Most light to heavy commercial boilers are able to cope with this very comfortably. At 30% moisture the calorific value is going to be around 3,694kWht per tonne. The dryer the wood, the higher the calorific value, but also the higher the price per tonne.

Do you do different sizes of chip?

Yes, the most common size is G30, this means it has been screened to a size no greater than 30mm, we can also supply G50 and G100 depending on your specific requirements.

I have my own haulage; can I collect from your site?

We can in some cases have you collect at our site, speak to us directly and we can discuss the options

What part of the UK can you deliver woodchip to?

Unlike pellets, we can deliver woodchip across the entire UK, give our office a call for more details.

I have lots of waste wood, is Afterwood interested in using it?

Afterwood go through a huge amount of good quality waste wood, so rather than you burning it which may conflict with your local Council’s clean air act, or sending it to landfill at a huge cost to both the environment and your pocket, give us a call, we can use your clean wood waste. For a small fee we can collect unprocessed wood from site, or you can drop in and tip at our site in NG23.

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