Afterwood is a proud and passionate producer of wood fuel with care for both our customers and the environment. We source the highest quality of raw material from harvesters, forest felling’s, private estates amongst other industries, and process to current regulations delivering to you the best customer service possible. As a long-standing distributor of wood fuels, we provide the highest level of service when delivering wood chip and wood pellets to schools, homes, farms and commercial institutions across the UK. When dealing with Afterwood for your wood fuel you can rest assured that we have everything covered to meet your needs.

Afterwood is able to supply you with various types of wood chip, including fresh, recycled and dry. All our products are produced to the recognised industry standards, whilst Afterwood also have the ability to produce bespoke products. We carry FSC, ENPlus A1 and Woodsure Certification on wood fuels so you can rest assured that whether you are buying bark, wood chip, firewood logs or wood pellets – our products are sustainable, help to reduce your carbon footprint and don’t stint on quality. Plus, if you need any technical advice or support, one of our friendly members of staff is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.



What is wood fuel?

Biomass is renewable organic material such as agricultural crops, waste, municipal waste and other materials that can be used as fuel or energy.

Why do we promote the use of biomass material for use as fuel and energy?

It is essential that the UK and beyond adopt new forms of heat and energy that use renewable sources without the need to continually use our diminishing fossil fuels. The most basic way to produce heat is to burn matter with embedded energy. Like coal, wood fuel combusts and releases energy through burning of the fuel in an approved boiler.

Biomass products provide wide ranging energy content when combusted. Wood fuels provide consistent combustion with high energy content providing a suitable alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Afterwood supply FSC certified product with all our virgin timber coming from sustainable sources.

In addition, the use of waste timber to produce heat and energy has grown in the UK. The use of waste timber as a fuel saves on product going to landfill and left to rot, producing gasses that are more harmful to the atmosphere. Afterwood continue to supply waste material following recent changes in regulation.

Wood Pellets

Afterwood deliver only ENPlus A1 wood pellets under our licence UK323. There are a number of manufacturers and traders of wood pellets in the UK with varying quality. Afterwood encourage feedback from our customers as our philosophy is to focus on quality and not price when delivering the best pellet. We work with several suppliers along with importing our own wood pellets giving Afterwood numerous lifting locations around the UK to keep mileage and delivery costs down. We can deliver up to 26T of wood pellets through our own dedicated fleet of tipper blowers. Our pellet blowers deliver at low pressure with the use of mechanical dust extractors during delivery.

Dry Wood Chip

Dry wood chip is processed from our own stocks of virgin roundwood to meet BS EN 14961-4 for use as a wood fuel and administered by Woodsure in the UK. Afterwood have numerous locations where roundwood is sourced from local forests and stored ready for processing. Our wood chip can be supplied to any size and moisture levels as required. Afterwood have invested in the installation of biomass fuelled drying floors to speed up the drying process and improve the quality of lower moisture wood chip. The benefits for customers are a more consistent quality fuel then naturally seasoning roundwood, saving you money long term on maintenance costs. We can deliver up to 26 tonnes of wood chip anywhere in the UK. Enquire now

Fresh Chip

Afterwood have long standing relationships with over 20 sawmills around the UK supplying fresh wood chip for commercial/industrial boilers, CHP and power stations. We can deliver direct from the sawmill reducing lead times, product degradation and improve cost efficiencies. We can deliver up to 26T of fresh chip via articulated walking floor trailer.

Recycled Wood Chip

Recycled grade A wood chip is produced from clean pallet wood only, chipped and screened through a high powered rotary tub grinder. Although restrictions are tightening around the use of recycled wood chip, Afterwood continue to provide product to those permitted and still require recycled wood chip. We can also provide lower grades of wood chip through our long standing relationships with recycled wood processors, primarily for use in large CHP applications and power generators. Should you wish to discuss the continued supply of recycled timber or need advice on how to ensure your systems are suitable for continued use of recycled product please contact us. We can deliver up to 20 tonnes of recycled wood chip across the UK via walking floor or tipper.

If you would like to know more about how biomass wood fuel can help create an efficient and economic solution for your energy needs, why not take a look through our website and see how we are able to supply wood for various sectors of the country, whether you’re a commercial, domestic or industrial.

Wood Fuel Accreditation

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