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As providers of biomass wood fuels, Afterwood are passionate about our service with our focus being on the quality of products & delivery standards so much so we believe we are the best UK biomass supplier out there. Our wood fuel is used in all manner of installations, from domestic homes to farms, schools and hospitals to larger biomass power plants producing electricity for our everyday needs.

Due to our quality and excellence, we are the chosen supplier for numerous power generators, businesses and homes across the UK. With Afterwood you are guaranteed not only the highest grade of wood fuel, but competitive prices, door-to-door deliveries and a fantastic service.

Afterwood is able to supply you with various types of wood chip, including fresh, recycled and dry. All our products are produced to the recognised industry standards, whilst Afterwood also have the ability to produce bespoke products. We carry FSC, ENPlus A1 and Woodsure Certification on wood fuels so you can rest assured that whether you are buying bark, wood chip, firewood logs or wood pellets – our products are sustainable, help to reduce your carbon footprint and don’t stint on quality. Plus, if you need any technical advice or support, one of our friendly members of staff is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Afterwood are a member of the Biomass Suppliers List, giving you peace-of-mind that you are buying from a regulated and certified supplier. This is important when it comes to your RHI, as buying none certified products means you are unable to claim RHI. BSL certified fuels need to demonstrate GHG savings against fossil fuels reducing harmful polluting gasses in the future.

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