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Most pellets in the UK are sold as ENPlus, but are all ENPlus pellets the same?

It is fair to say that this is the quality mark for wood pellets sold in the UK as heating fuel, and by ensuring you have this standard, will ensure you have a decent pellet, but did you know there can be as a much as a 40% difference between the bottom end of ENPlus and the top end!

For example the minimum calorific value (cv)  per tonne should be around 4,600kW hours thermal, anything less than that would not make the grade, the average burn time, and what most biomass boilers are commissioned on is 4,800kW hours thermal. Essentially this is setting your boilers feed mechanism to burn pellets at a set rate. Many modern biomass boilers are able to regulate the feed rate, so the better the cv, the better the economy you get from your boiler.

The average cv of the pellets we supply is 5,000kW hours thermal, that could mean as much as 8% more efficiency! Our pellets are also one of the most hardiest with a mechanical durability of over 99%, this means the pellets are less likely to break up whilst being blown and therefore less likely to cause issues surrounding dust and crumb.

Quality doesn’t just stop at the grade of pellet, Afterwood use fully certified and BSL approved trucks to deliver your pellets, our drivers will ensure the blow pressure is set at the optimal level for your system and they will take the time to make sure the job of blowing in is done properly, this includes using active air systems to remove dust during the process.

Woodsure is the quality assurance of wood chip fuel and Afterwood are proud to be certified under this scheme.

The purpose of the Woodsure certification scheme is to provide a recognised quality standard for wood fuel products. Wood fuel carrying the Woodsure logo has been tested and proven to fulfil the required standards for your boiler.

Fuel quality is a vitally important consideration for anyone operating a biomass boiler or wood burning stove; poor quality fuel is one of the main causes of faults, air quality issues and breakdowns.

Why use Woodsure accredited fuel?

  • The fuel will be the right size, ensuring your boiler feed system doesn’t block.
  • The fuel will have the right moisture content for your boiler/stove to work at optimum efficiency.
  • It provides a guarantee that the fuel you buy meets recognised standards and fulfils the required specification for your appliance, securing your warranty.
  • Product labelling is consistent across suppliers, enabling the customer to make an informed choice.
  • The Woodsure Plus standard will ensure that the fuel is sourced from a sustainably managed woodland, where the trees cut down to fuel your boiler are replaced, locking up more carbon in the process.

In short, you will have fewer issues with your boiler or stove, your appliance will run more efficiently, with reduced reliance upon back-up systems.

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