Softwood Turnout Chip (Bulk Bag 1 Cubic Metre)

Softwood Turnout Chip (Bulk Bag 1 Cubic Metre)

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Equestrian Turnout Chip is a chunky softwood wood-chip, specially produced for walking, turnout areas and stable surrounds. Although it isn’t a replacement for good drainage, it is ideal for areas which are prone to mud and short term surface water. Ideally, the product performs best when laid on top of free draining compacted stone such as MOT Type 1 or 3 (100mm min depth). It’s robust structure ensures the chip is extremely hard-wearing and will provide great value for money by providing great longevity.

Available in rigid (8 wheeler trucks) of load sizes 1-40 cubic metres or larger articulated vehicles up to 90 cubic metre loads.

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