A E Willows

Operating for over 100 years A E Willows is a 4th generation family owned haulage business operating from Moor Farm. Running a fleet of bulk and curtain sided trailers A E Willows delivery a wide range of products across the UK including Tillers Turf and palletised goods.

Afterwood operate from the farm owned by A E Willows who have worked with us to build a clean and highly organised head office from which we deliver high quality wood fuels.

They also provide the haulage expertise and manage the highly skilled fleet of drivers that enable Afterwood to provide the exceptional service expected of our customers.

Afterwood & A E Willows combine resources across both operations which enable us to keep costs down on delivery of wood fuel.

Myriad Plantroom Services

Part of Myriad Heat & Power Products they bring over 15 years of experience in the installation, servicing and maintenance of biomass boilers. Myriad offer a broad range of biomass products, whether domestic, commercial, industrial or CHP providing a wealth of knowledge across the industry.

Afterwood have partnered with Myriad Plantroom Services to provide a full service, maintenance and fuel monitoring package to our commercial and industrial customers. With engineers across the UK, Myriad can look provide their services across all manufacturers and all size of boilers.

Earlswood Services Ltd

Established in 1998 by Peter Handsley, an engineer specialising in the installation of oil and solid fuel appliances, Earlswood Services have become one of the leading contractors in the East of England for biomass servicing and installations.

Earlswood Services are HETAS approved and hold the MCS certificate for small renewable installations, they provide Afterwood with boiler servicing, maintenance and call outs to our customers providing a valuable, quick and reliable service.

CH Biomass

CH Biomass was established in 2015 by Ed Caldicott, he set up this full service biomass solutions company bringing his experience in overseeing the installation of 400 steam and wood waste installations to an establishing market.

CH Biomass not only install and service biomass boilers but will also design and install the heating circuit from the boiler system. Afterwood chose CH Biomass when installing our biomass drying floor and from there developed a working relationship where CH Biomass can provide a full maintenance package from there East Midlands location.

J&M Forest Products Ltd

Having built Afterwood into a premium fuel supplier, Jonathan had established a strong working relationship with Matthew Burrows of and the two saw an opportunity to use the skillset each have and launch J&M Forest Products.

J&M Forest Products support Afterwood to develop and launch our horticultural offering and support our biomass customers who may need more than wood fuel.

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