Silo cleaning service

Internal fabric silo

Now the warmer weather is upon us, there is no better time to have your silo cleaned!

As part of the RHI requirement, regular servicing of your boiler is almost second nature. However for many their pellet silos are unfortunately overlooked. Over time, no matter how good the pellets are you purchase, or how carefully they are blown into your store, you can absolutely guarantee dust and fines will start to build up. With many installations coming up to ten year or more, potential problems could be just around the corner, and of course you know that will be on the day you need your boiler the most!!

The UK Pellet Council recommends that you have your silo cleaned at least once every two years, or, after the fifth delivery. We think a well designed store, along with a hardy pellet, should go at least two years without a clean, sadly in the early days of biomass, pellet store design and layout wasn’t always the best option, indeed in many cases there requirement was almost like an afterthought.

Afterwood have a team of experts who can give your pellet store a good clean, reducing the chances of issues down the line, we can service all makes of silo from fabric bags to custom built internal stores, silo cleans start from just £300 – call us on 01522 703647 for a competitive quote

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