7 steps to getting yourself boiler ready for winter!

As we prepare for shorter, colder days, it makes sense to ensure you are prepared for the cold weather ahead. We have prepared a few tips to best ensure your next winter goes without a hitch

  1. Make sure you have had your boiler serviced, if you haven’t already, there is still time, and did you know we can arrange this for you? Call us on 01522 703647 to book an engineer visit
  2. One area that can often get overlooked is your pellet store, The UK Pellet Council recommends that you have your store cleaned after your fifth delivery, or after two years, whichever is sooner. A pellet store can, no matter how good the pellets are, start to build up dust quite quickly, just a few percent dust at the point of delivery on a three tonne store could equate to 60kg, after five deliveries, there could be upwards of 1/3 of a tonne in dust alone. Depending on the type of store you have, running down your pellets and having it cleaned out regularly  is a fantastic preventative measure and will go some way to ensuring you don’t get boiler failures due to dust and or clinkering. Again Afterwood offer a silo cleaning service, call us on 01522 703647 for details
  3. Okay so you have a recently serviced boiler and a clean silo, what next? Look at the access to your store, over the summer trees, bushes and hedges will have flourished, is the access to your store acceptable? Do you need to cut back any overhanging tree branches? Are the hedges overgrown and partially blocking access? All these potential obstacles could prevent us from delivering, so take the time now to make sure your access is suitable
  4. Order your pellets well in advance, as we get into the colder weather delivery times will be extended, whilst we will do everything we can to deliver within the shortest time, leaving it until you are virtually out of fuel could lead to running out. Fixing a price and scheduling your deliveries for the season is also a way of reducing costs and preventing you from running dry.
  5. Although this point may sound like it contradicts point four, order less frequently, judge your usage and try to book in advance when you know you will be down to a minimal amount of pellet, this will help prevent excessive dust from having multiple deliveries, its also worth noting most delivery companies offer slightly better prices based on the volume of pellet you order
  6. Always order ENPlus A1 pellets, but remember not all ENPlus pellets are the same! Afterwood use the highest grade of ENPlus pellets, our pellet has a very high mechanical durability at over 99% and one of the best calorific values, both these characteristics mean a less dusty, longer burn.
  7. If you have the room, order a pallet of pellets as contingency. If you misjudge point five, you will have a reserve tank to keep you going until we can get to you. Equally, as good as we are, if you are a bit off the beaten track and there is 6′ of snow out, chances are we can’t get to you, having a backup of a tonne of pellets is a great idea – Always make sure to store pellets in a dry place!!   We offer a choice of certified bagged pellets that can be collected from our depot, or delivered on the pallet network, prices start from £272 plus VAT delivered, go to our shop page for more details or call us on 0522 703647

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