Afterwood operate a fleet of dedicated pellet blowers for delivery of wood chip and wood pellets

Walking Floor

The most efficient and cheapest way to deliver is via walking floor. Walking floor trailers provide large capacities combined with an efficient and clean method of delivery without the need to tip.

Our walking floor can carry upto 26T of fresh chip. Once loaded the product is covered and sealed to stop the ingress of moisture and contaminants


Ideal for deliveries where space is tight and we cannot get a full length walking floor onto site or smaller fuel stores. Delivery of product is tipped through the rear door and delivered down through a hatch or onto the floor.

Our tippers can deliver upto 10T of wood chip. Once loaded the product is covered and sealed to stop the ingress of moisture and contaminants.

Wood Pellet Tipper/Blower

Dedicated to the delivery of wood pellets with capacities upto 26T. Our range of tipper blowers offer low abrasion, low pressure delivery with mechanical dust extraction.

Delivery from our purpose built pellet blowers ensures:

  • Pellets fully comply with are delivered to the ENPlus standard under our licence UK 323
  • Full traceability of product
  • Low abrasion – Low pressures deliveries
  • Dust extraction – during delivery subject to applicable coupling
  • Metered Deliveries as approved under the Weights and Measures Act

Deliveries available up to 26Ton from a range of 6-8 wheel rigid pellet blowers, plus Artic large load deliveries

Delivery Checklist
Things to consider when ordering is the accessibility of the delivery pellet blowers onto the premises. This is not only about your property but any restrictions on the roads leading to your premises for example low bridges and weight restrictions.

Once at your property some of things that need to be considered are;

  • The pellet blower can park on a flat, stable surface with room disembark the truck, work with no impacting on other traffic and people movement
  • Ease of access into the fuel store, with wood pellets we need to run pipework from the pellet blower to the fuel store without causing a hazard
  • No overhead restrictions as we will need to tip the pellet blower to offload the fuel
  • Length of delivery hose for wood pellets to ensure conformity with ENPlus delivery standards

Majority of installations will have had at least one fuel delivery on similar pellet blowers to the ones we operate. However, if this is your first fuel delivery our team will guide you through what we need to ensure a safe delivery.

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