Our horse and animal bedding products provide owners and riders a quality product to meet their demands at great value for money. Popular for its low moisture properties our products offer maximum comfort for your animals. Logs are sourced from our own professionally managed plantation so their integrity can be guaranteed.
- Animal Bedding
- Equestrian Bedding
- Poultry Bedding
- Cattle Bedding
- Arena flooring


Kingdom Premium

Premium quality clean wood flakes

Using freshly debarked pine trees

Heat treated to prevent moulds

Purposely cut larger wood flakes providing a superior bed structure

Carefully dried but soft flakes to ensure the highest levels of comfort and absorbent properties

Specifically manufactured for animal bedding and not an industry by-product

Natural antiseptic quality is acheived by the use of pine while also providing clean white flakes


Kingdom Mix

A mix of chopped and de-dusted straw and premium wood flakes

Our most popular bedding

Process of double de dusting carried out

Treated against moulds

Composts more easily then shavings alone

High insulation and absorbency qualities

Pleasant eucalyptus oil fragrance which helps prevents horses eating their bedding and clears airways

30% more floor coverage per bale than industry standard shavings


Kingdom Rape

Made from oil seed rape plant using chopped and double de-dusted process

Pleasing animal friendly eucalyptus aroma

Pithy inner core ensures high absorbency properties

Tough outer shell which provides a long lasting bed

Excellent coverage

Composts very quickly, resulting in a smaller much heap

Mould preventive treatment

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  • Afterwood have proved themselves to be customer orientated, and go out of their way to try and fit in with their customer’s demands. The team delivering the product have been most helpful and cheerful, and have given a strengthened opinion to the already held belief that this is a company worth dealing with. The ability to deliver a chosen quantity of pellets, rather than the existing criteria as set down by others supplier of pricing according to weight and even then demanding not less than specific quantities is most helpful and accommodating. Just one of the many little differences why it is a pleasure to deal with Afterwood. - Jim Shuttleworth

  • Quality products at a competitive price delivered on time, Very easy company to deal with. - Robert Sowray

  • After wood team always manage to fit us in for a delivery in about a week on average plus will also let us know if they are in the area and if we would like a top up which helps reduce the risk of getting low on pellets in our bio mass units. After wood are very good at supplying larger deliveries of bulk blown Enplus wood pellets, which is great for our bio cabins. They have good delivery lead times and are proactive in managing their distribution routes. Richard Chambers

  • Very prompt delivery service. Always deliver on the day specified but if there are any problems Jonathan always calls to explain. We would certainly recommend Afterwood as you are very liable and helpful. I would like to say thank you for all your help and we will definitely carry on doing business with you.  Stephanie Mckie



Pellet standard
en plus